Waiting for Comcast in Alameda

So it’s an hour after the time the Comcast operator-guy told me the Comcast technican would be coming to, hopefully, restore phone service to my house. I called Comcast again and Stephen from the Comcast Call Center in Winnipeg told me—he was quite friendly and polite, btw, just like Alonzo was earlier—that there’s no notation on my account to come at noon, and that the window for coming to my house is 12 – 4.

I reiterated my inability to be here for the whole time slot, and asked that a technician be asked to come earlier. Stephen said he couldn’t reach a technician directly, but that he could call dispatch. I asked him to call me back after he had done that (I have very few minutes on my cell phone, which I rarely use.) He said he didn’t have the ability to make outbound calls from his center. I said that Alonzo, who helped me earlier (I forgot to ask where he was located), had called me back when we were disconnected…had in fact asked me for my number so he could do so. But Stephen said he didn’t have that ability.

After three minutes on hold, he came back and told me that the technician who is supposed to come my house is on a call nearby and has been there for twenty or thirty minutes already. My hope is that he will be here soon and phone service will be restored. The second phone call to Comcast took just under nine minutes. Is anyone else having Comcast phone service troubles?


  • dave

    30+ bucks a month to keep the Pac Bell land line is worth it. Land lines are far more reliable, the service is more prompt, and the 911 service is dependable & much faster than a cell call (which is typically routred thru CHP).