New Year’s shooting at Fruitvale BART near Alameda

All over the news is the story of the shooting of a young, unarmed man at the Fruitvale BART in the wee hours of New Year’s Day. News coverage here and here. If you watch the KTVU news report’s footage here,—the shooting is about two minutes in, and it is disturbing, be warned—it looks very much like the officer simply reached for his gun, stepped back, and shot. Then he puts his hands to his head, in what seems like a gesture of distress. What was happening? Did he think his gun was his taser? Did he momentarily lose his mind? What else happened in that scuffle that we could not see? In any case, Oscar Grant, 22, is dead, and many other lives have been ruined. The abundance of video taken of the event prevents what might have been, in decades past, a coverup. The facts will likely be known—whatever sad version the truth is.