Meth bust in Alameda

The Alameda Journal‘s Peter Hegarty has this story up about a meth bust on Alameda Ave. in Alameda. The East Bay Express has an item up about the arrest, too. What’s most interesting about the Express post is the way it characterizes Alameda, in kind of a snotty way. “Alameda,” writes the Express’s Kathleen Richards, “home to old-fashion ice cream stores, barber shops, La PiƱata and meth dealers.” Sometimes it gets tiresome to be a city summed up in clever catch phrases—someone told me on the playground this morning something she’d heard people say about Alameda, “Home to newly weds and nearly deads.”


  • Kerri

    My neighbor calls Alameda, “where the hipsters come to breed”…

  • nrf

    I saw the “Alameda hipsters” comment on a bumper sticker. Where’d this originate?

  • dave

    Staten Island w/ palm trees.

    And better looking women.

  • Andy

    Newly-weds and nearly-deads is something I’ve heard applied to the Fernside. Seems quite accurate to me :-)

  • Darcy

    Well, if you feel that way, then just think how people must feel in “Smokeland” and “Berzerkley”.

  • Jeff R. Thomason

    “Alameda … come for the marijuana clubs, stay for for the meth!”

  • Jill

    Hm. I’ve been married 20 years and live in the Fernside, so I guess that makes me nearly dead. Oh well, I’ll happily live out my dotage in one of the best towns (“townes” if Harsh has anything to say about it) in the world. Sh. It’s a secret.

    (P.S. Thanks, Dave)

  • http://wholeinthedonut.blogspot.com/ danny Wertheimer

    I recently moved to Alameda and certainly not a newlywed and have not ever tried methadrine. I do enjoy the view of the bay, the dog park, Webster and Park Streets, Alameda Centre, farmers Market, Dan the produce man, easy access to the Oakland Airport and the Oracle to watch the GSW. What more can I say.