Hello, Comcast! In Alameda, you disappoint

Today, I was emailing with a friend while she was on the phone with Comcast, trying to re-establish internet connectivity. She wrote, “51 minutes and 46 seconds and still on.” Later, I asked her how it had been resolved and she wrote, “After over an hour I got an appointment with a tech to come to my house. Oh, but first I had to buy insurance for a dollar a month so I wouldn’t be charged for the service call. The waiting wouldn’t be so bad if I was actually being told how to take action, but the operator was just reading a manual and put me on hold over a dozen times. Ridiculous.”

This letter about a sad Comcast experience is running in tomorrow’s Alameda Journal:

Since no one at Comcast is willing to listen to my complaint, I must turn to the newspaper to vent. I was an Alameda P&T customer and switched to Comcast in December. Two technicians came to my home and in an hour-and-a-half, I was all set up with Comcast TV and Internet service. I called Comcast the next day and arranged for my AP&T account to be closed and the new Comcast account to be opened.

I opted for my credit card to be billed each month and gave the necessary information. A couple of weeks went by, and then I started receiving dunning notices in the mail and robo phone calls telling me to call Comcast immediately. When I did so (seven different times), I was told to ignore the letters and calls and that all was in order with my account.

Then last week Comcast shut off my service for nonpayment of my bill! When I called again and got matters straightened out, I was offered many apologies for their error, and was told my service would be restored, but not for 48 hours. I hit the roof! I demanded to talk to a supervisor or manager and to have my service restored immediately. I was put on hold, and after a minute or so, I was advised that the supervisor was busy with another customer (I’ll bet), and that my service would be restored in 5 to 10 minutes.

Well, that’s all fine and good, except I have a wireless network in my home, and both my modem and router had to be rebooted. After another hour on the phone with Comcast and their tech support in Utah, my system was again up and running.

I cannot believe a large corporation like Comcast can get away with treating its customers so poorly and does such a poor job of processing their accounts. And they want me to switch to their phone service? That’ll be the day!

Stan Voogd

Has anyone had a positive Comcast transition they can report on? My own Comcast experience has not been so bad since I have taken to emailing the Comcast PR guy who has posted comments on this blog whenever I run into trouble. For example, earlier this week, I was unable to send email. I could receive, but not send. When I talked to the tech guy, I learned that my outgoing port number needed to be 587. Who knew? How would I have known? They said they sent out an email to that effect, but there is nothing in my inbox.


  • Peter M.

    I’ve been a Comcast customer for years, both in Alameda and other cities. Comcast has always treated me very well. Service interruptions are minimal, and when I did have problems they were helpful.

    I remember when they changed the outgoing port, and I got an email, and their website help was actually helpful when I forgot to change anything and my mail stopped going out.

    Comcast is, in the bulk of cases provides very good and stable service, despite some of their idiotic corporate policies (traffic shaping, bandwidth limiting, etc).

    There’s simply nothing close to their performance, especially now that AP&T is out of the business.

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  • Edmundo Delmundo

    I was blogging about the Comcast-rage just this morning!

  • Chuck

    I’ve had comcast for years and had my share of ups & downs. More ups than downs but when its down that seems to reverse my thinking. I used to know a govt relations gal in Hayward who it seems no longer works for them or doesn’t answer emails any longer, but she put me in touch with the district sup and mgr. What I have found but not had to use is on twitter.com. If you have an account do a search for comcastcares and follow them or just send an email to We_Can_Help@cable.comcast.com . The guys that monitor the twitter account appear to be directors of the company in Phili and from the posts on twitter seem to get issues resolved pretty quickly. Good luck.

  • Countess of Alameda

    here’s my sad experience with Comcrap. Note I tried to be proactive and solve this before the mass turn over to the new system – to no avail. My reception is worse than it ever was with APT.
    By now you have heard, Alameda Power has sold the Telecom portion to evile Comcast DevilsSpawn (CCDS) . I had CCDS ‘services’ years ago before I switched to the new APT. Everything was crappy: cable and customer service. I was thrilled with APT services in both TV and Internet.

    I feel like a refugee , forced into Comcast DevilsSpawn (CCDS) for at least a year at my current rates for internet.

    to date they have given me these runarounds:

    1. Couldn’t pay my bill at APT Grand Ave – they sent me to CCDS in Marina Village.
    2.After standing in line for 20 minutes, they wouldnt take my payment either, and told me to wait for new bill with a new account number.
    3.After getting the bill TWO weeks ago, I immediately and successfully paid online – too successfully. They got TWO identical payments.
    4.Today I received a yellow overdue notice for two months.
    5.Charged me for ‘installation’ – then had to reverse the charges.

    1. The Marina Villiage demoness demanded that I schedule an appt. ( at no charge sez she) so my change over would go smoothly – she “didn’t want to guarantee that everything would work fine if I waited for the mass changeover.” So I had to stay home and wait for the install minion to come.
    2. Minion arrives, says I don’t need the cable box since my tv is digital and they will bill me for it. Now some channels are not working (grey snow). A call to service resolved that I DO need that box afterall. I get it for free. I had to set up ANOTHER appointment for them to come install it.
    3. Took him 25 minutes just on the modem (MAC address call in to tech support.) I have to reboot the modem once a week because of stale handles.
    4. FOUR favorite channels are missing – the person I spoke to on the phone lied about the line up. I have to pay even more money to get just the Alameda council meetings.

    Once my year of APT rates are gone I am seriously looking at satellite dish and ATT.

  • John

    Comcast billed me twice for February and then called me with at nasty tone as to when am I going to pay my past-due account.

    They changed my account number with no notice of the change and raised my rates. Anyone interested in a class-action lawsuit?

  • Bob

    Same problem with double billing and two account numbers. Comcast was useless in resolving the problem, telling me to contact AP(&T) but of course they don’t have the correct phone number and only Comcast’s phone is listed on the AP bill.

  • I. Vol-Comcast customer service sucks!

    I am so discusted with Comcast-my problems with incorrect “doube billing” started in January. I paid the bill every month, comcast cashed the check every month, but the statement every month would show no payments received. I called the customer service every month, they assure me the account is taken care of, but the next month statement shows 3 months unpaid bills again and again… I asked for a manager-and every time they refused, telling me they have the ability to solve my problems. In frustration, i visited the Alameda office, in hand with all the copies of cashed checks by comcast. She said she is going to be out of the office starting next day, and would not able to do anything about this until she comes back. I also mailed the copies of cashed checks to the main office in Seattle, with my regular monthly payments. After all this, Comcast left a message on my voicemail that if i do not pay my bills ASAP, they will cut the services. So anybody -can you tell me -where else can i go from here? For sure -I cancel Comcast, but in the mean time, something should be done against this unfair treatment of good citizens of Alameda !!

  • Rob

    Comcast sucks! Our modem resets every 5 minutes on Ethernet not wireless for 2 months. We are told that they will be working on the broadband in Alameda. They will not give us a completion date!
    When they took over from AP&T, we were told we could get in on a bundled service discount, which never happened. When the conversion to Comcast started, our cable stopped working . They sent someone to our house and charged us $59 to do it. They have said they cannot reverse the charges but will instead credit our bill. We are coming up on a third billing cycle and we have seen no credit. Every couple of weeks the TV box gets very slow and will not respond to the remote.
    I’ll be lucky if my modem hasn’t already reset.

    Look, its obvious they are having broadband issues and they are shuffling service from one area to the next in an attempt to cover their asses.

    I’ve heard of them pulling this same crap elsewhere. This company stinks like a piece of Texas cow shit! I’m ready to go to dish and a 28k modem just to tell these f-tards to eat themselves!