Fire at Alameda Point

With Alameda firefighters in the news a good deal (they’re collecting signatures for an amendment to the city charter that would mandate minimum staffing levels, the city is suing to block the proposed charter amendment, and they’re wrestling with cut backs–the ‘browned out‘ station was last week switched from Bay Farm to the west end) they also made news this weekend for doing what they do: fighting fires.

The Alameda Point fire started in the wee hours Sunday morning, and a trail of smoke blowing what looked like south east was still prominent from the Oakland hills on Sunday evening. Apparently the area has seen a number of small fires over the years and is in an area frequented by youths. The cause of the fire is under investigation.


  • Mike Gunnell

    The fire has deposited a lot of burned debris on our entire block. And we live almost a 1/2 mile away. I have spoken to five different agencies to find out what the debris is and how to clean it up, but no agency has been able to give any answers. The fire dept. said don’t touch it, yet it is on everything. What are we supposed to do and how come nobody from the city or county can point us in the right direction to figure this out??????

  • Liz Williams

    Read this article in the SF Chron for the skinny on the fire and the astonishing negligence of our elected officals:


    And, don’t touch anything: According to the fire chief, the building was “wood and concrete and – oh tar and ASBESTOS.”

    I think you’ll want to take plenty of photos though.

    I live in the houseboat community at the end of Mariner Square, and was gagging on the smoke – inside. The assistant mayor and the fire chief knew the fire was unsafe and let it burn for hours. Luckily, they admitted as much in the SF Chron article. Don’t miss the video with the think, white billowing smoke. My advice is to print the article out. It will make the coming class action suit that much easier.

  • http://www.fireinalameda.wordpress.com Liz Williams

    A chunk of fire debris tested at 10% asbestos which led Denise (chunk was in her yard) and I (Liz Williams) to start a blog focusing on getting proper clean up for the island. We’re focusing on getting the city and the BAAQMD to respond.

    Asbestos is so deadly, in any amount. Thing is, you may not get symptoms for 15-30 years. I’ve contacted an attorney who has prosecuted many asbestos cases. She stands ready to file a class action suit.

    Although I hate to say it, it may come to that. Meanwhile, c’mon over and find out what you can do to compel the city to clean up the island. http://www.fireinalameda.wordpress.com

  • http://ww.linkedin/in/jonmspangler Jon Spangler

    Don’t be too hasty in blaming the Alameda FD for fighting the fire the way they did.

    If you want to blame someone, you might start with the US Navy, which has been intransigent for eight years (under Bush) and unwilling to speed up the transfer of
    military property to the City of Alameda so that (among other things) demolition could take place more quickly. Not to mention using construction methods and materials that preclude reuse without massive remediation efforts.