Debris from March fire in Alameda causes concern

After the fire in an abandoned building at Alameda Point in late March, many Alamedans were concerned about the possibility of debris from the fire containing toxic byproducts. Alameda’s fire marshall says debris was tested, and found safe. You can watch ABC news story the day after the fire started here—with info about how authorities think the fire started and what they say burned in the fire. Some Alamedans have expressed concerned about the smoke. And this blog, Alameda Army Medical Fire Depot, was started to track citizen concerns about the burn and their efforts to get answers about asbestos and other toxic byproducts from the fire. And here’s the city’s Q&A about the fire.

[Updated, 7:49 am: The Island has some good info about the smoke’s toxicity and the city’s response.]


  • Mike Gunnell

    The Fire Chief has said don’t worry about the debris, but I have never heard him say it is SAFE. Asbestos is not safe in any context for humans and especially young children. The City also has fenced off the area 1 block around the entire building along with posting a security guard and put up white sheeting to catch moving particles that are still on the grounds. Looks like there is more to that debris than normal Construction site demolition. And there currently is an Asbestos Abatement company working at the site. But as the Fire Chief says don’t worry about the debris that is all over your yard and blowing up and down the streets… No problem there!!!

  • http://www.fireonalameda.wordpress.com Liz Williams

    As of Sunday, April 18th, the entire site is surrounded by DANGER: ASBESTOS tape. And the renovation agreement with FERMA, the contractors removing the debris at the site, calls for the proper removal and disposal of 50,000 square feet of friable asbestos. Demolition is supposed to start soon, and FERMA is already ignoring requirements to keep the site wet. Don’t think you’ve seen the last of debris and asbestos fibers.