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Alameda city employees. A salary report.

By epearlman
Friday, May 1st, 2009 at 7:08 am in Alameda firefighters, City Council, the economy.

Michele Ellson over at The Island has a complete listing of city staff salaries. Top earners? Lowest earners? Overtime pay? You can read her whole report here.

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  • Diana

    Do you have the salary scale for AUSD teachers?
    Just curious how their salary compares to city employees and other nearby school districts.

  • Andy

    Not sure why you’d want to compare teachers to city employees, but you can get a high-level comparison to neighboring school districts at EDP’s site:

    You can do a comparison of teacher salaries across school districts in Alameda County. This is for the last fiscal year (2007-8). Can’t easily cut and paste the data here so I exported it to a google doc:

  • JOEL

    Finf it strange that all the City Employees that were either terminated or forced to leave did not have an exit interview , is someone trying to hyde something