In Alameda: Cleaning up after your dog

It is two or three times a week at least that I clean up dog poop from my yard, or my driveway, or the sidewalk in front of my house.

And I don’t have a dog.

At the school near where I live, there are very often piles of poop left there. I don’t blame the dog. You can’t blame the dog. I blame the dog owners who, through whatever trick of mental justification, leave their dog’s poop there.

As my neighbor H. Atkisson wrote in a recent letter to the editor:

I find myself wondering what is going on in Alameda that so many people find it socially acceptable to allow their dogs to poop on a lawn and walk away. Do the dog owners think that nobody will notice? That it will somehow be absorbed into the ground?

Atkisson ended with this plea:

It is illegal to let your dog roam without a leash, and it is illegal to leave your dog poop on public or private property. Please respect your neighbors and the law. Clean up your poop.

You can read the whole letter (though you must scroll down) here.


  • Spanky

    Agreed. I do own a dog, but don’t like this and don’t do it myself. However- on some occasions I have been without a bag for whatever reason. I normally take one off a newspaper or come back later, but here is an idea I have seen around town- make some plastic bags available nearby. I have seen plastic canisters with plastic grocery bags, etc. tied to light poles. I know you shouldn’t have to.. but, maybe if you do the offenders will get the idea..

    Now don’t get me started on people who let their cats roam free around the neighborhood.. So irresponsible (and cruel) when they end up hurt or dead..

  • Frustrated Dog Lover

    I love dogs, but I understand the frustration, too. Irresponsible dog owners have no regard for other people’s property or the law. They let their dogs poop and dig all over someone else’s lawn, and to add insult to injury, they leave the poop.

    Many people aren’t following the leash laws either. I can’t tell you how many times I see an unleashed pet dog being “walked” by their owner in Alameda. Just last night, I saw a dog running across Central Avenue, through a maze of people. Obviously, it was unleashed and it jumped on some people in an attempt to find its owner. It acted lost. It turns out, the owner was riding a bicycle hundreds of feet in front of the dog.

    Maybe we should be more like NYC and start ticketing people that don’t obey dog ownership laws. That would be an abundant source of revenue!

  • http://www.flushdoggy.com Michael

    Have you tried flushable dog poop bags before? It’s so easy to use and no more stinky garbage.