Remember: High Street Bridge to close until September

It’ll be a time of going from Point A to Point B via a detour during seismic upgrade work on the High Street Bridge from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday (beginning this Wednesday). The work will continue through Sept. 1. Most of us are on automatic pilot when it comes to our routine routes so this will surely cause some turn-arounds until drivers get used to the idea of the closed bridge.

It’ll also add congestion to the other Island exits, so while you’re on the road, breathe deeply, count to 10 and be grateful that these extended bridge closures don’t happen often. As for the residents near the bridge, enjoy the days of decreased traffic noise (assuming the seismic work doesn’t make too much racket).

Seismic work on the Park Street Bridge is nearly completed and required closing only partial closure.


  • pat thompson

    Hello, I am traveling from Canada on a sailboat. We are docked near the bridge and need to have it open in order to come and go. Will the bridge be opening for vessels at all–I am guessing maybe it will open on Sundays? We have to leave for points south in August and its our on;y way out of here. Thanks

    PS We love Alameda and think it is one of the friendliest places in the world!!!!

  • Lucinda Ryan

    Hello, Pat,

    The bridge will open for maritime traffic as usual. And thanks for the good words about our town. I feel the same way about my visits to Canada.

  • pat thompson

    Hi Lucinda,
    Yes, we also found that out by calling the very personable bridge keeper. It as also open for pedestrians after 6 pm and before 7 am on weekdays and I think, all the time on weekends. It would be a good idea for boats to call ahead while the construction is underway. Thanks for responding so quickly. We are telling all our cruising connections how great it is in Alameda.