Virtual surfing at the beach

Everyone who’s kite boarding in our fair waters probably already knows this, but it’s also fun for taking a virtual live look at the beach. The Board Sports School and Shop that teaches windsurfing and kite sailing has a Web site where you can look at a current photo of the sand and surf (a still shot, yes, but it updates every two minutes, so it’s more like a slow-moving virtual flipbook).

If you can’t make it to the beach for a walk or a wave-wrangle, the site is the closest thing to being there. Be aware, however, that the Web cam delivers its own version of the color of sand – it’s golden in the photos. (For you air-head authorities, there are also wind readings and other surfish information.)

Last note: Looking at the beach doesn’t count as fresh air or exercise. You have to actually get away from the computer for that. Sorry.