Another biz bites the dust

The 76 Station on Webster Street closed this week.

The 76 Station on Webster Street closed this week.

The 76 Station at Webster Street and Santa Clara Avenue doesn’t look like its old self. Plywood sheets cover the pumps, windows and the door to the snack shop. It looked pretty closed, so after asking around on Webster Street Saturday, the word was that the owner shuttered the place Wednesday. Someone who requested anonymity said the owner was fed up with the regulations and related costs of running the business and he couldn’t take it any longer. I’ll try to reach the owner during the week for confirmation, but either way, if that was one of your regular gas stations, cross it off the list, as least for now. The other tidbit from anonymous that still needs confirmation is that the property belongs to a private owner, not to the 76 company.


  • Darius watson

    Words can’t describe what this gas station meant to me… Whether is was Davis sunflower seeds (jalapeño flavored) or $5 of unleaded gas (87 octane), I always felt like I can count on a warm smile, a lottery ticket, and the chance thief might be some windshield fluid to clean the flies of my plymoth duster….I guess I’ll just have to go across the street

  • JonSpangler

    When I stopped in for gas at the now-corporately-owned Chevron station at Buena Vista and Webster the other night, I was told that Union 76 owned the station and wanted to sell it–like all of its corporately-owned gas stations– to the operator. The operator of the Webster Union 76 station did not want to take on buying a gas station in these risky times and walked away, so Union had to shut the place down.

    Union 76 still owns the station but is renting/leasing the property from the property owner, who will apparently still have rental/lease income from Union until the lease is terminated.

    The now-corporate Chevron no longer has any repair or shop capabilities, so it is just a gas station. Many a time Cliff Maderia and his crew took care of our cars’ minor problems, including rush flat-fixing (at no extra charge) when I needed to get to work or appointments. (Apparently Cliff became bored with retirement after about three weeks, and he is now happily driving a tow truck and helping people without the headaches of being a business owner.)

    Riding a bike instead of driving is sounding better and better all the time…

  • jb111

    I tried to pump gas the other day, but found it difficult with all that plywood in the way…can an attendant help me out please?~

  • ck

    I wasn’t aware of there ever being a 76 Station at Webster Street or Park and Santa Clara Avenue in 54 years. Is this Lincoln & Park, whose restrooms were always conveniently out of order when filling up?

  • Countess of Alameda

    This station consistantly had the highest prices, and odd hours – your never knew if it was going to be open. THAT probably contributed more to their lack of success.

    Factor in that many people know that Union 76 got their oil from the taliban for many years and thus helped in the oppresssion of Afgani peoples…. and boycotted accordingly.