Suggestions, anyone?

Here is a post from someone looking for advice on getting squared away with Comcast. If anyone has had a similar experience during the transition from the former AP&T cable service to Comcast, maybe you could offer some advice …

“I am so discusted with Comcast-my problems with incorrect “double billing” started in January. I paid the bill every month, Comcast cashed the check every month, but the statement every month would show no payments received. I called the customer service every month, they assure me the account is taken care of, but the next month statement shows 3 months unpaid bills again and again… I asked for a manager-and every time they refused, telling me they have the ability to solve my problems. In frustration, i visited the Alameda office, in hand with all the copies of cashed checks by Comcast. She said she is going to be out of the office starting next day, and would not able to do anything about this until she comes back. I also mailed the copies of cashed checks to the main office in Seattle, with my regular monthly payments. After all this, Comcast left a message on my voicemail that if i do not pay my bills ASAP, they will cut the services. So anybody -can you tell me -where else can i go from here? For sure -I cancel Comcast, but in the mean time, something should be done against this unfair treatment of good citizens of Alameda !!”


  • Doug

    The same thing happened to me, apparently it is not uncommon. For some reason the payments were still getting credited to the local AMP account. After multiple phone calls (be sure and get the person’s name on every call) it was several calls to a local “change-over” number that got the problem solved. The number was 510-567-9350. This was a few months ago, so I don’t know if the number is still valid or not.

  • Sue T.

    Do you have a blog or a Twitter account? It seems that Comcast monitors the internet for complains about service pretty obsessively. If I had a problem, my first step would be to call — my second step would be to update my blog!

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  • Edmundo Delmundo

    You should explain to them UP FRONT that you are in Alameda and part of the AP&T transition. When you call customer service the call center doesn’t know about this unless YOU TELL THEM.

    If your struggles continue, switch to DirecTV.

  • Jayne Smythe

    I understand from a friend that if you say “Alameda” and “class action law suit”, they get right on it.

    She had to deal with multiple calls, differing stories from the cust rep each time, as well as threats of service cut-off. One of those times, they said they was gonna send her a check so that she could pay her bill. Make sense?

    She asked them why the heck they would be asking her for money and also sending her a check. They did not have a together answer for that…

    In the old days, we used to complain to the Better Business Bureau. Maybe the FCC would do something.

  • http://alameda.wordpress.com alameda

    Let’s not get too carried away here. Words like “class action lawsuit” get tossed around far too much for anybody to take it seriously.

    My suggestion would be to write to Comcast at the email ids provided earlier. While you are at it, you might also want to ask for some compensation (perhaps a free month of service?)for all the hassles you’ve had to endure.

    I don’t work for Comcast, but have been a happy customer.


  • JA Boyer

    Alternatively, since the state now controls cable communication providers, AND our assembly member, Sandre Swanson serves on the Utility and Commerce Committee (the controlling committee in the Assembly for cable communication providers), you might want to alert his Sacramento office regarding your attempts at resolving this issue.

    Personally, I had to only once use the local phone number to resolve a payment issue. Turned out I had used the “old” acct no. rather than the “new” acct no. The Comcast staff at the local number were very helpful in getting the payment re-directed. I agree with “Alameda”‘s advice when contacting Comcast.

  • Countess of Alameda

    And lets not get into the rotten service. I never had outages with APT but we get them constantly with ComCrap. Yesterday it was out for 45 minutes. And, when you call, you can’t speak to a human.

  • newbie

    Any recommendations for a new west Alameda resident trying to get internet service. DSL or Cable — I assume there are only two options (ATT DSL or Comcast). We don’t need cable but would survive if we had to pay for basic.