Convoy of historic military vehicles heads our way

Larry Pirack, curator of the Alameda Naval Museum, tipped us off about a procession of historic military vehicles heading to Alameda. The convoy is scheduled to arrive in Alameda July 9, where it will disband at Alameda Point.  Check them out for yourself at the USS Hornet and the Alameda Naval Museum. Until then, you can watch them live at this blog: (click on the 2009 Convoy button).

Here is an excerpt from Eisenhower Presidential Library on the Military Vehicle Preservation Association:

“With great fanfare and publicity, the Army’s Motor Transport Corps decided to organize a military convoy to drive from coast to coast, from Washington D.C. to San Francisco, traversing the newly created Lincoln National Highway. The trip would prove the need for good roads and would also show off the military’s capacity to utilize modern warfare’s machinery. The major objectives of the expedition were to test various military vehicles, many developed too late for use in World War I, and to determine by actual experience the feasibility of moving an army across the continent. One example was to test Harvey Firestone’s new pneumatic tires. It would also remind the American public of the energy, power, and might of the Army as well as aid in recruiting. Eighty-one vehicles and 300 men made up the convoy; one of the officers was a young armored corps Lieutenant Colonel named Dwight D. Eisenhower.”