Robber hits West End bank

The headline says about everything the police office with the sniffing dog said Thursday afternoon. Several police cars were in the area of Citibank on Webster Street. The officer with the dog said he couldn’t talk because there had been a bank robbery. Sorry, I don’t know if anyone was hurt, although there was no ambulance around, so that’s a good sign. Judging from the sniffing dog, the perpetrator fled the scene.


  • Michele

    On early Saturday morning at 1:45am, October 2, my husband’s Volvo S80, which was parked outside our house on the corner of San Jose and Paru, was struck by a black camaro (it looked like an older car) with a rear spoiler off the trunk area. The 3 men in the car broke the axle and bent the frame on my husband’s car, among other damage and the car is likely to be totalled. They drove off laughing. I am asking for help – do you know anybody with (or have you seen) a black camaro (mustang, muscle car), with a throaty exhaust and a driver’s side with primer?

    The police were very busy on Saturday morning and only had 5 officers on duty for both the 94501 and 94502 zip codes. Living on the Island with a developed community spirit has made living here over the last 30 years a true pleasure. I am asking for help from our community to locate this car. Thanks very much.