Where’s the Alameda Beach Buddha?

Everyday for many months, walkers, bikers, stroller-pushers, puppies and more members of the Alameda community were treated with the calm presence of the Alameda Beach Buddha at the intersection of Broadway and Otis.

Many residents shared fruit, feathers and other gift of thanks with the Buddha, who looked out over the bird sanctuary and San Francisco Bay.

At special holiday times, some Alamedans would put a colorful plastic wreath or even a wreath made of flowers on the Buddha. Interesting objects found in the area were also given to the Buddha, rather than just being casually thrown away.

And for a time, there was a Buddhist teaching taped to the statue: “Today is only today,” it read.

That special message seemed to resinate with with many Alamedans who stroll by the Bay as often as possible to relax, take a deep breath or two, watch a heron resting nearby and appreciate our daily life on the Island.

The Alameda Journal would greatly appreciate any news on the Alameda Beach Buddha. The empty spot where the Buddha used to sit lies empty. But the wonderful reflection and open spirit it embodies lives on.  

Even without the Beach Buddha, there are ways for Alamedans to find out more about Buddhist teaching. The Orgyen Dorje Den, 2234 Santa Clara Avenue, practices Tibetan Buddhism. Also, the Buddhist Temple of Alameda, at 2325 Pacific Avenue, holds Buddhist services and events.

Janet Levaux

  • Linda Medrano

    Wonderful article! I loved this! Great information on the Buddhist Temples in Alameda too.