Beach Clean Up, Bird Rescues Continue

The clean up of Friday’s oil spill continues on Alameda beaches, with the U.S. Coast Guard and other authorities saying the work is 80 percent done.

Meanwhile, bird rescue attempts on both Alameda islands are keeping local volunteers, Bay Area wildlife workers and state officials busy.

Bird watcher and Bay Farm resident Betsy Diaz has been on patrol and has found some oiled birds. Today, she says, she waited for two hours, keeping people and dogs away while trained staff with the Oiled Wildlife Care Network could arrive and tend to the coots.

“The coots were preening themselves trying to get the oil off,” Diaz said. “One was pretty badly oiled, and I worry for it. It was clearly uncomfortable – with its wing twitching”

“Sadly, the staff weren’t able to catch the coots, but they did catch a grebe that was oiled,” Diaz shared.

Janet Levaux