Beaches Still Closed, More Birds Rescued

Some 40 birds have been rescued alive after the October 30 oil spill in the bay, 14 picked up dead and 5 died while in captivity, according to the U.S. Coast Guard. Two were picked up early today, treated at a Crab Cove temporary unit (see top photo) and taken to the Bay Area’s Oiled Wildlife Care Center near Fairfield.

No dead fish have been found.

Crown Memorial State Beach, Encinal Beach north of Ballena Bay and Bay Farm Island are still being cleaned and reviewed for impact. And wildlife rescue crews (see bottom photo) remain on patrol.

And on Wednesday the California Department of Fish and Game lifted fishing and shellfish harvesting restrictions on areas around Alameda, including Oakland Middle Harbor north to the Bay Bridge, Oakland Inner Harbor, San Leandro Bay and shoreline areas south of the southern boundary of Oakland Airport to the San Mateo Bridge.

The Alameda shoreline on the Bay remains closed for public-health reasons.

Janet Levaux