Rain May Bring Oil Sheens to Beaches

Changes in the weather today and tomorrow may lead to oil sheens on the Bay, the Coast Guard is announcing.

Alameda residents and visitors who see sheens can call: The National Response Center at 800-424-8802 or the California Emergency Management Agency at 800-852-7550.

While crews are still cleaning the shoreline on Alameda and Bay Farm islands, more birds are being rescued. The total number of birds rescued alive is 45, though 8 have died in captivity and 16 have been recovered dead.

Several hundred workers remain on the scene cleaning hazardous waste from the October 30 oil spill, and the shoreline of both Alameda and Bay Farm islands – including Crab Cove (see photo above) – is closed to swimmers and fisherman. Paths along, but not on the beach, are open to pedestrians and others.

Janet Levaux