Alameda Sports Cards and Comics Finds New Home Across Town

About a month ago, we got word that the Alameda Sports Cards & Comics shop at 1412 Park Street planned its own obituary — for the unique business it’s shared with the area for the past 24 years. Now, it’s got a new neighborhood and a bright future, says owner Patty.

The business is relocating to 1515 Webster Street, where it will be located across from the new Pacific Pinball Museum, at 1510 Webster, and near the Lucky Ju Ju pinball arcade.  “It’s a good fit for us,” said Patty.

Due to issues regarding its lease and rental playments, the cards and comics business will finish up on Park Street on December 24. It should reopen on Webster Street on January 5, just after a fresh order or comics has been delivered.

“Everything is on schedule,” Patty explained. She’s restored the space for the shop and let the 3,000-plus customers on her e-mail list know about the new address. “We got the right space,” she added.

Janet Levaux

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