Celebrate …. While Spending and Consuming Less!

Second Home, on Santa Clara Avenue in Alameda, is like an almost-always-open estate sale.

You can find antiques, knickknacks and a bit of whatever.

And, during the holidays, you can find that fun Christmas-themed object that might help brighten up a table or add a bit of life to an entry way — at a good price and with a carbon-friendly footprint (i.e., it’s one less item and/or item with packaging going into a landfill.)

I recently bumped into Alameda resident Therese Long at Second Home; she loves looking for special objects that can improve a room or a special residencial spot and posts such hunts and their resulting finds on her La Dolfina blog.

She agrees that, when you can’t make it to that sought-after estate sale or antique show, or even a good sale at a boutique or furniture shop, Second Home is a great option.

So, when you’re budget is tight, but the table isn’t quite right…. here’s the place for you.

Janet Levaux

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    I live near Pacific Ave. and 8 st. I see AT&T marks on the street. Are we going to get U-Verse service in Alameda?