Giving a Holiday or Year-Round Delight

Yolanda, the owner of Shear Delight & More salon and children’s clothing store, is wrapping up her 11th annual toy drive for kids staying at the Midway Shelter for abused women and their families.

This year, collections haven’t been as great as in years past. So, if you still have time to buy a toy — especially for kids 4 and younger — go ahead and drop it off unwrapped at 1505 Park Street.

One special item needed by those staying at Midway are nightlights that have Disney or other kid-friendly characters on them.

Cash and other monetary donations are also taken for the shelter. “Some people have justed walked in to give us $100 after going to the bank,” Yolanda said.

Yolanda sells pre-used cloths to moms and others in need. And she donates her overflow to the shelther each two weeks. Some of the clothing is also given to young mothers who are attending Alameda or Encinal high schools.

The consignment shop gives some store credit to those community members who donate clothes and other items to the shop.

Shear Delight & More has lots more than clothing on its shelves. There’s makeup and hair products, and the salon offers a full array of spa and other services, like haircuts and facials.

And if the holidays of ’09-10 are too hectic, try and stop  by during the year with donations or play to join next year’s toy drive.

Thanks, Yolanda, for keeping the holiday spirit alive day after day, month after month and year after year.

Janet Levaux