Thanks for Making Shopping Easier

The Safeway in Alameda Towne Centre is always packed — but at least the staff are full of smiles and good cheer.

Chenda, for instance, was kind enough to pose for a picture in her Santa hat during a break on Christmas Eve.

Thanks to the positive attitude at all of the checkout counters and throughout the aisles, shoppers were also in good spirits. The lines moved quickly as everyone picked up the last goodies to share over Christmas.

Paul Randell, an assistant manager who frequently works in the checkout area, says that the popular grocery store does close to $200,000 in daily sales.

The grocery store employs 267 people who work in the deli, meat and fish counter, checkout and other parts of the store.

Smaller Safeway stores in the Bay Area, like in Oakland’s Montclair district or Albany, do about $60,000 in daily sales.

It takes a lot of friendly, hard workers to keep the inventory up to date and the lines moving. And I’m sure I speak for many Alamedans by saying, “Thanks for lightening our holiday shopping load (and stress).”

Janet Levaux