Thompson Avenue: See the Lights on Foot

There are lights, Santas, inflatable polar bears, carousels and even cartoon characters from Europe – like Tin Tin- to see on Thompson Avenue during the holidays.

The festive neighbors living in the area (near High Street) have also taken a bit of poetic license, mixing up animals from warmer climates, like flamingos,  into the North Pole scenery.

On nearby Fernside Boulevard, neighbors have taken the temperature-friendly California/tropical theme quite seriously — decorating a whole yard with happy, active creatures.    

For those strolling around the light show, the outdoor event would be even more festive without the fumes of cars driving by.  The sidewalks are full of visitors, many with young children in strollers, and the carbon footprint left by all the vehicles moving at a snail’s pace down the street doesn’t add to to the spirit of the season.

So, give the Abominable Snowman and his other pals a break. Leave the cars at home — but be sure to bring the kids and the camera!  

Janet Levaux