Alameda Elks’ Blood Drive ‘A Success’

The Alameda Elks Lodge (No. 1015) and the Blood Centers of the Pacific say that their partnership led to a very successful blood drive on Sunday, January 10. 

The groups’ minimum donation goal was 35 pints, though 57 donors were scheduled. 

At the end of the day, the groups share, they had to turn people away since supplies had been used up.

“The Elks did a great job booking appointments, and we had a tremendous walk-in volume,” says Diana Lulofs.  “For many, it was the first time they have donated blood.”

Those who gave blood received a free breakfast, free tickets to a raffle that featured a 32-inch flat panel TV, and a free gift certificate from Hornblower Dinner Cruises. 

And, the groups say, most important, those who gave blood help save a life.

Congratulations to donors like Greg Falkner, staff including nurse Janet Roach (see photo above), and the community members who turned out for the event.

Before Saturday’s event, the Elks hadn’t staged a blood drive in Alameda for 16 years. 

Looks like a new tradition has begun.  

Note: At the Elks’ Facility Breakfast (held before the blood drive), the 2010 Senior Class from the Alameda Community Learning Center bussed the tables and earned tips.  The money, the kids say, will be used for their graduation ceremony and celebration.

Janet Levaux

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    I signed up on-line and gave blood at the Elks’ drive and was not offered a free breakfast or a Hornblower gift certificate. But I donated to help save a life and not for the freebies, so it’s all OK.