Alameda’s Measure B: Election Day

The Alameda County Registrar of Voters has released preliminary, mail-in results on Measure B, the Alameda Point Initiative.

The No votes are ahead, with 80-percent plus of the roughly 8,000 votes tallied so far.

This blog hasn’t weighed in on the issues. Instead, we’ve let the Alameda Journal take a stand (against B) for the full media organization that includes/runs this blog — MediaNews/Bay Area News Group.

While all Alameda residents want to see Alameda Point redeveloped, they want a plan that is fiscally sound, environmentally sensitive and historically in sync with other parts of the Island — as well as with its own past; Measure B/SunCal’s plans didn’t cut it.

And, to be sure, for SunCal and for the city, coming up with such a plan is proving  to be incredibly difficult.

So, as we put the Measure B election behind us, let’s start looking for ways to redevelop the point that start with Alameda’s needs and work to build a plan based on that foundation.

Outsiders will be sure to offer suggestions. But it’s up to us, not them, to develop the ideas behind what we really want. They can come in later and fill in the details, if needed. 

If we can come up with preliminary plans and concepts for the former naval base, then maybe we won’t have to waste so much time, energy and money on reviewing what SunCal or other developers propose.  And we’ll probably get a project that won’t be as contentious as SunCal’s plans have been — and that will be clearly advantageous for this community and its future.

And just one more thing: If we want a project for Alameda Point that goes beyond the typical developer “box-like” planning, we will have to be willing to think and work outside the box. Otherwise, we’ll get boxed into another lengthy debate over another cookie-cutter project that’s neither sweet nor yummy enough for this blogger to support.

Janet Levaux