Alameda Says RIP to Newstand’s Larry Trippy

The outpouring of appreciation for Larry Trippy of Paul’s Newstand on Park Street continues.

The 60-year-old died February 9 of a heart attack, according to an online story by the Alameda Journal.

The newstand where he used to be found daily is covered with notes, flowers, candles and thoughts. There’s also a notepad for members of the community to express their condolences.

And those passing by on Wednesday shared shock and sadness at the news of his death. A group of Alameda High School students at the newstand said Trippy “was really nice.” Even if he didn’t really know you, he always wave and share a greeting.

To understand how Trippy affected those in the community, just check out what’s written in one small area of the newstand:

Janet Levaux

  • Glen

    I never knew this mans name, but saw him daily as I motored up and down Park St 4 days a week. He always greeted me with a warm smile and a hello as I performed my duties in the area. He will certainly be missed by all.

  • Cat

    I never knew this man’s name either but he always greeted me when I passed him running on park Street. Very sad that he is gone – he will be missed