Alamedans, Let’s Say ‘Thanks’ to Perforce

Just days after writing that UTStarcom’s move from Alameda to China probably won’t be copied by other successful firms like Perforce Software,   there’s news that Perforce has made a huge contribution to the Boys & Girls Club of Alameda and an important donation to the Alameda Junior Golf Club.

Perforce President and Chief Technology Officer Christopher Seiwald recently gave a check for $250,000 to Bill Dal Porto for the Boys & Girls Club’s new technology center.

And the software maker’s foundation is also offering $20,000 in the form of a matching or challenge grant to the Alameda Junior Golf Club as part of its move to get more involved in the Mif Albright nine-hole golf course.

The company says it began a tithing program in May 1999. From that time through early 2005, it gave $215,000 to Alameda non-profits, $175,000 to other Bay Area agencies and $17,250 to  California charities.

Perforce is based on Blanding Avenue. Its makes tools for software developers to use when creating and maintaining computer programs. For instance, Web, software, hardware and game developers use the Perforce Software Configuration Management System to track the changes they make to their projects.

Janet Levaux