Alameda’s ‘On Camera’ Event in Progress

A group of 48 adults and 24 teens gathered at the Frank Bette Center for the Arts (at Lincoln Ave and Paru Street) on Friday, February 26, for the start of “Alameda on Camera 2010″.

They each got a small slice of Alameda, or rather a piece of a map of Alameda, to photograph over the weekend — including this blogger.

Many got to photograph the waterfront, while others did commercial and residential areas.

And now, these amateur and professional photographers/artists are in the process of looking over their weekend shots of the Island.

The group members have until the end of the month to turn photos they took last weekend into “art.”

This art will be shown during a public exhibit at the center from April 2 to May 2.

For any painters out there, the Frank Bette Center is hosting a new event on April 17:  “Images of Alameda,” which needs submissions.

Paintings made outdoors in Alameda may be selected to be shown (and sold) as part of the April 17 fundraiser at Rock Wall Wine Company (on the former Alameda Naval Station), which will raise money for the center and for the Alameda Hospital Foundation.  

The deadline for entries is March 19.

Janet Levaux