Alameda’s Birdwatchers Share Crab Cove Tally

At last weekend’s birdwalk around Crab Cove, members of the Bay Farm Nature Connection saw a great array of bird species and sub-species. And they were kind enough to pass on some photos and notes.

Ralf Stinson, who captured the nice images with his camera, says the poor duck shown above is suffering from “angel wing,” also known as “slipped wing,” “crooked wing” or “drooped wing.”

“This is a disease that affects waterfowl (geese & ducks) in which the last joint of the wing is twisted with the wing feathers point out,” Stinson explains.  “It is an incurable anatomical condition which is acquired in young birds due to a high-calorie diet and low in vitamin D/E and manganese.”

The best evidence for the cause of the disease points to human feeding waterfowl white bread, according to Stinson. “It is very rare in birds that are away from humans,” he adds.

Also last weekend, members of the birdwatching group saw many birds in “breeding plumage,” aka sporting special layers and/or arrangements of feathers for spring mating time — like this Eared Grebe.


And for those arm-chair birdwatchers eager to know about the wildlife at Crab Cove, the group did put together a tally of what they saw:  Bird List_3-06-10[1]

Many thanks to Ralf and all the other birders!

Janet Levaux