Alameda Group Speaks with Michael Moore

At a March 27 gathering organized by MoveOn.org, a group of Alamedans and other Bay Area residents spoke by phone with Michael Moore, the maker of  the recent film “Capitalism: A Love Story” and other movies. 

Moore called the group and those at about 24 other gatherings on Saturday as his latest film was being shown at 650-plus locations nationwide.

The aim of the events was to stimulate discussion, conversation and action.

The event in Alameda took place at the 1886 home of Lynn and John Faris near Franklin Park. Some two dozen residents of Alameda, San Francisco and other communities attended.

Moore said he was concerned with “where the country would be 40 years from now” as the level of corporate influence in politics continues to grow. “It doesn’t have to be this way,” he stated.

He said that the recently passed Health Reform Act, though flawed, “is few baby steps in the right direction. Let’s see if Obama can get on a roll and reform the banks!”

Moore also spoke to the group about the need for more than just demonstrations to foment positive change. “We needs some 21st Century thinking,” he said.

He also urged those present to reach out to younger voters and to build an agenda of what reform and change should look like: “We have to create our own agenda. Look at how many good things are happening in other places” around the globe.

Janet Levaux

  • Seadog

    What a cool event. Thanks for posting it! If we all stand up and insist on it, maybe Obama will be able to fend off non-constructive attacks from the extremists on the right and do what is best for the country, not just the plutocracy!