Alameda on Camera Winners Announced

The Frank Bette Center for the Arts — at Lincoln Avenue and Paru Street — has shared the names of the 2010 winners of the Alameda on Camera event, which are being shown as part of the current exhibit now through May 1.

Best of Show – “Blurring Boundaries” by Peter Tonningsen and Lisa Levine
Honorable Mention – “Smokin’ Tree” by Virginia Chabre
Honorable Mention – “Beverly & Joe, An Alameda Love Story” by Mi’Chelle Fredrick
Executive Director’s Choice -  “Somber” by John Fitzsimmons
Best Classic Photo – “Steel Cathedral” by Carl Weingarten
Best Creative Use of Media – “Infinity Landing” by Susan Lea Hackett
Best 3D – “Alameda Living” by Susan Tuttle
Sponsors Choice Gallagher & Lindsey – “At Home” by Bonnie Randall Boller
Teen Division:
Best of Show – “Step in to Color” by Jeannette Mei
Honorable Mention – “Revolutionary Tree” by Samuel Flores
Honorable Mention – “Meditation Mood” by Nicolo DeLuca
Executive Director’s Choice – “Contemplation” by Mikana Camacho
Sponsors Choice Gallagher & Lindsey – “The Art of Reclining” by Laurel O’Connor

Those picking the winners included two “Alameda” magazine staff members: Paul Skrentny, senior account manager and photo journalist, and Debbi Murzyn, art director, who selected the best of show and honorable mention awards for both adult and teen divisions.

Other judges included Michael Singman-Aste, Frank Bette’s satellite exhibit curator, who picked the sponsors choice Gallagher & Lindsey award, with other awards selected by Debra Owens, executive director of the Frank Bette Center.

Janet Levaux