Homes Open Near Grand Marina in Alameda

Two new homes were showcased this weekend, when Grand Marina Village opened some of its doors.

The development is being put up by Warmington Residential California next to Grand Marina on the estuary end of Grand Street.

The developer aims for 40 three-story residences to go up in the area, ranging in size from about 2,150 to 2,375 square feet. Two homes were open this weekend in the hopes that potential buyers will “reserve” residences in the area, which are priced in  upper-$600,000s.

“We are very happy to be offering homes at Grand Marina Village,” said Debi Garlick, vice president of sales for Warmington in a press release.

Banners and ballons were up all over the area, and there were some interested home buyers stopping by.

With all the fine weather now following the rains, visitors could enjoy the spring flowers blooming in and around Grand Marina.

Warmington built nearly 500 homes in Bayport Alameda. The latest community, Grand Marina Village, is officially located 1629 Cruiser Lane, at the corner of Grand Street and Fortmann Way.

While this development goes up, the parking lot in Grand Marina is being affected. And parking on the weekends can be hard to find.

How the eventual parking situation plays out in this popular waterfront area will be “interested.”

Janet Levaux

  • Jon

    These homes are HORRIBLE. The homes have no driveways, where do you wash your car? The homes also have no backyards. The homes have tiny side yards. There is also limited parking, parking lot style. Who wants to live in that kind of environment??? DO NOT BUY THESE HOMES!!! Show the builders that this type of development is UNACCEPTABLE!!!