Alamedans Run 4 Education

Over 100 runners ranging from toddlers — like E.J. Hernaez — and older participated in the Alameda Education Foundation’s Run 4 Education event this past Sunday.

Funds raised by the event will go towards AEF’s efforts to raise $30,000 to sustain its middle school sports program next school year.

“Over 350 middle school students at Chipman, Lincoln and Wood Middle Schools participate in volleyball, basketball and track and field, thanks to AEF and community donations,” said Christine Strena,  the organizer of the April 25 AEF event, in a statement.  “The program is supported completely by donations.”

The Run 4 Education was held in conjunction with Alameda Towne Centre’s Earning4Learning program, which awarded $10,000 to Alameda elementary schools after the 100-yard-dash for kids and the 5-kilometer run took place.

Top finishers in the 5K overall had times under and around 20 minutes,  included Peter Hsia with a time of 18.43.4, Cory Veverka at 19.35.4 and 10-year-old Gavin Hill with a time of 20.02.1.  Katleyn Johnson came in first in the women’s division, and 5th overall, with a time of 20.52.2 followed by Alameda High School freshman Kelly Hosokawa at 21.06.2.

After the run, participants were treated to live music performed by Alameda High School students Austen Snow, Monica Lee and Jason Berk.

Janet Levaux