Alamedans Push for Measure E

Several hundred students, parents and other Alameda residents turned out for the Measure E march and rally this past Saturday, May 22.

Speakers included county and local leaders who stressed Alameda’s need to maintain the quality and scope of its school system, while keeping the “low adminstrators-to-students” ratio, they said.

Many local media sources are focusing on the Measure E parcel tax issue on the Island to see how it fits into Bay Area and statewide trends. Voters recently voted down new school parcel taxes in Pleasanton and Pasadena but approved one in Piedmont.

And while many residents are posting signs that support Measure E, there are a large number of signs around town against the new parcel tax.

The debate will rage on for the next week or so.

Janet Levaux

  • joel

    Kind od obscene to promote a rent increase to benefit a few and not taking a couples hours to fly the American Flag to honor all the veterans that paid the ultimate price to support our Country .No on E is the only way to go.

  • Jennie Gray

    Claiming that quality education of a community’s youth benefits “a few” is quite an ignorant position.