Alameda’s Measure E: Only 65% Say Yes

The Alameda County Registrar’s unofficial tally puts Measure E behind the needed 66.6% super-majority required to pass the new school parcel-tax measure.

The ballot count stands at 65.39% for the measure, representing 13,789 voters.

Those against, 34.61%, representing 7,297 voters, are likely to have defeated the measure.

Stay tuned for the official results, which won’t be available until Wednesday, June 23, after a few remaining ballots at City Hall are tallied.

Given the weak state of many family budgets and businesses these days, the pro-Measure E ballot count is fairly impressive.

However, a slightly less taxing measure, i.e., one that didn’t generally double previous taxation levels, could have garnered those extra 100 or so votes that would have made the difference.  

Hopefully, residents and school supporters can take such a lesson to heart.

Janet Levaux

  • Charles

    The difference is 309 votes.

    2/3 of 21146 is: 14097

    Add +1 for majority, we have 14098

    14098 – 13789 = 309

  • Bruce Sherman

    If you are in favor of Measure E, there is nothing stopping you from going down to AUSD offices and writing them a check for the $350.00 more in school taxes you would have paid if Measure E had passed.You don’t need Measure E to pass if you want to give more money to the schools. Just give AUSD your money if you feel Measure E should have passed.A public vote isn’t necessary to spend your own money(just other peoples’ money).

  • Lynn Landry

    Doesn’t work that way, Bruce. We could all go do that but if the district doesn’t have the money overall, they will close schools. You don’t understand how government budgets work. Believe me, many of us would pay double that if that would work.

    Public schools are funded by the entire public. Not just the parents.

    Also, the fact that over 66% of voters voted for the measure is just sad that we needed just a hair more to pass it. The overwhelming majority of voters in this community wanted measure E to succeed and a MINORITY held it back.