Alameda’s Encinal Yacht Club: Supporting Youth Sailing


Encinal Yacht Club’ says its junior summer-sailing programs are poised to have their best summer yet.

The first session wrapped up on July 8, when the these photos were taken — and conditions were pretty windy.

Nearly 100 sailors had registered for the first of the three sessions, the club said in its latest newsletter. And some took their enthusiasm for the sport on land and joined in the Fourth of July in town.  

During the sessions, participating sailors and their family members get to enjoy outdoor barbeques and fun – including races out on the estuary – each Thursday night.

The second session is in full swing (or full sail) and ends July 29, with the third session is set for August 2 to 19. 

Erik Glaser and Megan Grove are the program directors of the youth sailing program for EYC.  

The yacht club is celebrating its 120th  anniversary this year, and its clubhouse is turning 50.

EYC holds an open house on the second Tuesday of each month.  

(Thanks to sailing enthusiast James Fryer for sharing the photos.)

Janet Levaux

  • John Sanchez

    I am becoming more and more interested in these kinds of summer activities for our two rapidly growing kids. Real activities, excellent and deeply felt skills that a child can benefit from for a lifetime.

    We can do soccer or tennis through the year, and even through the summer. But let’s really take advantage of the kind of focus that an intense summer camp can provide. I’ve been reading about ‘farm camps’ and we’re planning on going to the california shakespeare theater’s summer conservatory http://www.calshakes.org/v4/educ/summer_conservatories.html next year when our daughter is eight years old (the minimum age). I hope they’re doing this sailing class this summer, this is how kids get the truly rich experiences that we know summer can provide.