Alameda Boy’s Battle with Leukemia

Five-year-old Shaun Dizon of Alameda passed away two weeks ago after losing his struggle with Myelomoncytic Leukemia (JMML).  Sadly, he died after a matching cord blood unit was found for him.

One of his family members shared these thought on the support Shaun received from the entire community:  “On behalf of the entire family, I would like to thank everyone for the outpour of love, support, and prayers that you’ve given and offered us.  Shaun is no longer suffering.” 

Ironically, it wasn’t the leukemia that made him so ill, Shaun’s family members say.  It was the antibiotics from all of the infections he’d received that made Shaun’s body very weak.

Shaun received his cord blood transplant in June.

“The ideal situation is to have a marrow/stem cell match and be able to have the transplant as soon as possible after diagnosis,” says Carol Gillespie, executive director of the Asian American Donor Program.

For information about how to register as a potential marrow/stem cell donor, contact AADP at 1-800-593-6667 or visit the group’s website.

Janet Levaux