Alamedans Get Political Survey Calls From ???

Oakland-based EMC Research called this Alameda resident last night, August 29, to see if I would answer a brief survey on issues and candidates. But since the kids had to go back to school early today, August 30, I declined.

The survey group called back this evening, at about 7 p.m. and asked again if I would take a “short survey.”

I was asked for my reactions to mayoral candidate statements, opinions on  the mayoral and council candidates, the fire chief, interim city manager, Alameda Point, SunCal, unions, etc.

With the long list of candidates, hot issues and questions in the survey, I really had to narrow down my preferences, define my opinions and figure out what was influencing my choices. This was certainly educational — though I wouldn’t call the process “brief.”   

(The only controversy that wasn’t included in the survey was the new restricted schedule for our bridge openings.) 

About 15 or 20 minutes later, I was told that my survey information was confidential. But the survey-taker could not (or would not) tell me who was paying for the “research.”

Does anyone in or around the Island know who is responsible for the query?  

Or, better said, would the candidate responsible for this “research” come forward when the results are ready — and share both the data and the financial resources behind it?

This hometown voter wants to know … as I’m sure others do.

Janet Levaux

  • http://www.adamforalameda.com Adam Gillitt

    This candidate for City Council would like to know more about this survey as well! I wonder how accurate the information about each campaign was presented, and how each candidate was framed?

    According to campaign finance records (http://docs.ci.alameda.ca.us/weblink8/browse.aspx?startid=81737&&&&dbid=0) there aren’t many candidates in Alameda who could have financed this with their own campaign money…

  • Louise

    I’ve stopped answering those phone “surveys” because, as you point out, it’s almost impossible to get the folks on the line to tell you 1) Who is sponsoring the survey 2) How to see the results 3) How the results will be used. I don’t get the sense it’s worth my time and I think the results can be easily manipulated to fit the needs of a specific individual, company or organization.

  • mobi Johansen

    Rumor has it that Ron Cowan paid for the poll and it was in support of his political effort to elect Beverly Johnson so he can get support for closing the golf course.

  • John W. Vile

    I wonder how often they called people those days.

  • jlevaux

    I do not recall being asked anything about the golf course during the survey. So I couldn’t (and won’t) assume anything with respect to Ron Cowan’s involvement with the phone survey.

  • jlevaux

    Also, there was at least one question in the survey about the relationship between developers and politicians and how that would influence my voting.

  • Daniel G.

    If it’s not Ron Cowan, who else has the money for this?

  • John W. Vile

    That relationship question sounds like what is going on in Hayward where you have an ex-city manager that has been assigned to the HUSD school board and his wife is the HR Director for the HUSD. Talking about conflict of interest. And, to make things more interesting his business is on land development! Where do all these questionable activities end with politicians.