Second Council Candidate Demands That City Manager Go

Alameda City Council candidate Jeff Mitchell and Alameda resident John Knox White are calling on the city to put Interim City Manager Ann Marie Gallant and City Attorney Teresa Highsmith on immediate paid administrative leave.

The two Alamedans and their supporters are meeting at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, September 7, at Alameda City Hall, just eight hours after city councilmember Lena Tam asked for Gallant to resign and for Mayor Beverly Johnson to apologize for a county investigation of her.

The district attorney conducting the investigation ruled on Friday, September 3, that there was not enough evidence to support claims that Tam violated the Brown Act by leaking confidential city information. The City Council, though, is poised to consider whether or not it should file a civil lawsuit against Tam in a special closed session on Thursday, September 9.

In a press release, Mitchell says that he filed a citizen complaint with the Alameda County Grand Civil Jury alleging “malfeasance of office and misuse of public funds by Gallant and Highsmith to pursue their secret investigation of Lena Tam — an investigation which many have labeled a political witch hunt.”

Furthermore, Mitchell argues that while an audit of the public funds used in the investigation against Tam has not been conducted, Tam claims the amount may be over $100,000.

Janet Levaux

  • mobi Johansen

    Clearly the ICM is playing politics. This is all about Beverly Johnson being elected to council in November. I believe the ICM and Beverly Johnson purposely targeted Lena Tam in order to secure her seat in November. J Cloren clearly you have no clue as to what your talking about. I wasnt a big SunCal fan; however was a “big fan”
    of their vision for Alameda Point. I wish they would have respected the development process prior to the vote on Measure B (for the record I voted NO). This City manager must go along with Beverly Johnson, Doug Dehaan, and Frank Matteresse who voted to put her in office.