The Latest Robo-Call to Alamedans

As the signs go up around town for the mayoral, city council and school board candidates, it’s time for endorsements, announcements and – yes – the dreaded robo-calls.

This blogger got one on Friday, September 17, at 6 p.m. The first question was — and I paraphrase: “Do you agree with Frank Matarrese’s support of a vicious political witch hunt or disagree?” Another question: “Do you agree that his actions represented an expensive witch hunt, which wasted lots of taxpayer money?”

Since I didn’t answer the first question, I didn’t get the full five-question survey. So, if anyone got to answer all five questions, feel free to share them here.

However, the robo-call is a bit “off” in terms of its facts, since Interim City Manager collected the e-mails and instigated the investigation of Lena Tam. Then, on July 6, Mayor Beverly Johnson and councilmembers Matarrese, Doug deHaan and Marie Gilmore approved the release of the investigation to the public.

It’s curious that the robo-call tries to link Matarrese, who’s been out and about getting as lots of public exposure, to the Tam investigation and not the other mayoral candidates (and councilmembers) deHaan and Gilmore — or Johnson (who’s running for the council).

The call would imply that its sponsors think that Matarrese is the front-runner and, hence, the one worth some smearing. But for some residents, who agree with the investigation of Tam, the call makes Matarrese look like a local hero.

We’ll reach out to Frank to see what his take is on the robo-call.

Janet Levaux

  • Jon Spangler


    Did you mean “vicious”?

  • jlevaux

    Yes indeed; sorry for the typo.

  • Alameda2000

    It will be interesting to see what the results of the poll are.

  • Alameda2000

    Is there a way the Journal can get a hold of the results?

  • jlevaux

    Hi there. These robo-calls are paid for by political groups or, in some cases, independent individuals or organizations. Generally speaking, the media has a hard time finding out who paid for them. And, thus, the answer to your question is no. We do not have access to the results.

  • Thomas Quintal

    I view Tam-gate as a witch hunt and I agree with Gilmore that the taxpayers, yes, the people who give their money to the city of Alameda, should know how much this cost.

    If the city manager resists this simple request then she should be fired; and I will vote for the councilmember who takes this leadership position and initiates this action.

    This is really un-defensible and I’m shocked that there are those that think this is okay.