The Latest Robo-Calls to Alamedans (Part II) & More Election Developments

Frank Matarrese says he doesn’t know who’s behind the robo-calls targeting his mayoral candidacy. But, he reports, he got one of the calls himself recently.

“I got the call myself on Friday evening and listened through the entire message. There were no mentions of who sponsored it or who it was asking the questions – big money and anonymous,” he said. “We’ve unfortunately seen these kind of hit pieces before, it’s not what Alameda’s about and I think people will see it for what it is.”

Matarrese also said, “The ‘questions’ were misleading and inaccurate.”

In other election news, Alameda City Council candidate Rob Bonta has received endorsements from the Alameda County Democratic Party, the East Bay Young Democrats, the City of Alameda Democratic Club, the Asian Pacific American Democratic Caucus, the Sierra Club, Alameda Firefighters (IAFF Local 689), Kaya -Filipino Americans for Progress, and the Central Labor Council of Alameda County.

And city council candidate Jeff Mitchell is calling on city leaders to investigate a review of time cards by city staff after a report of September 17 that an Alameda Police Department technician stands accused of embezzling more than $16,000 from the department.

“It’s great that Acting Chief Noonan has announced that he will do an internal review of this incident, but that doesn’t go anywhere near far enough,” Mitchell said in a statement.

Mitchell also questioned why the department technician in this most recent case hasn’t been taken into custody yet.

Janet Levaux

  • L:ynn Faris

    These robocalls are another attempt to mislead the 85% of Alameda voters who overwhelming rejected SunCan into thinking that Lena Tam, their insider on the City Council was “exonerated” because she avoided criminal prosecution. She blames her misconduct on those who exposed it, cynically calling it a “witchhunt.” She wrote the emails providing SunCal with insider, confidential information. Since she cannot deny that, she cannot be “exonerated.” Her actions were either the result of incompetence and ignorance or deceit. She should be ashamed to run for City Council again and she should be soundly defeated! Likewise, the rest of the SunCal slate which is attempting to take over our City government — Marie Gilmore, who couldn’t decide to oppose Prop B until the day before the election, when the overwhelming defeat was already assured, and who then “abstained” from voting against SunCal’s second attempt to take over the base on the flimsy excuse that she didn’t have “all the information.” These are not leaders — they are political opportunists tied to a corporation that has tried over and over to deceive the voters of Alamed and roundly deserves to be run out of Alameda on a rail!

  • Thomas Quintal

    Uh-boy; let’s see it’s a conspiracy; the DA is wrong; SunCal is evil; 9/11 was an inside job; did I miss anything?

  • Mike K.

    Hmm. Talk about leaders. We need leaders who will run our city the way a city council should and not defer so much to a city attorney and city manager who go off on their own tangents. Our city has become a place of controversy, insults and pettiness. Let’s get some dignity and leadership back.

  • http://www.action-alameda-news.com David Howard

    The only conspiracy theorism going on here is the Lena Tam acolytes trying to paint the City of Alameda’s investigation into Tam’s inethical and immoral behavior as a “witch hunt.”

    Ironically, Tam’s supporters have started their own “witch hunt” of the Interim City Manager and City Attorney.

  • http://www.facebook.com/thesuncalslate David Howard

    There’s no doubt that SunCal is behind all the push-polling telephone surveys going on in Alameda.