Alameda’s Middle-School Volleyball Season Begins


The Alameda Education Foundation has announced its the 2010 volleyball schedule, as part of the group’s 2010-2011 middle-school sports program.

Open to all 6th-8th graders, the teams are based at Lincoln Middle School, Wood Middle School and the new charter Academy of Alameda Middle School. Each school hosts two co-ed teams.

The first match is set for 4 p.m., Tuesday, September 28, when the Lincoln Lions host the Wood Beavers.

The season includes nine regular matches. Playoffs will take place on October 28, and the league championships will be on November 2 at Alameda High School.

AEF has sponsored the middle-school sports programs, after funding was eliminated by the Alameda Unified School District three years ago due to budget shortfalls. It began running the sports program in the winter of 2009.

According to the group, more than 350 students participate in the volleyball (fall), basketball (winter) and track & field (spring) activities.

Foundation members say the organization is actively seeking donations to sustain the program; for more details, write to AEFSports@alamedaeducation.org.

Thanks to AEF for this photo of a 2009 game between Lincoln and Wood middle schools.

Janet Levaux

  • Jeronimo Neto

    I think that middle school sports are really important.One big reason is that many kids start using drugs at this age, and sports can keep many kids off drugs. When I was in middle school they didn’t have sports, that was really disappointing. Now thanks to AEF kids get to have fun, and enjoy sports and stay drug free.
    ~An AUSD 11th grade student.

  • Jacoby T.

    As a senior at Encinal High, middle school sports are very important because they prepare you for varsity sports in high school. In middle school, coaches teach you the basics of the game and players need that if they want to play in high school. Also, middle school sports gives parents the chance to spend more time with their kids at school. Cheering on a middle school student at a game is a wonderful feeling.
    An 12th grade AUSD student

  • Kim W.

    In my opinion I think middle school sports are not important, because I don’t play sports. I think 350 students from 3 different middle schools is not enough students that are participating/playing sports.(Maybe I’m acting a little bit selfish)
    Anyways, I think middle school sports should be open,just in case someone else is interested.

    AUSD 9th grade student.

  • TM

    I’m happy AEF is still sponsoring middle school sports, because many kids like to be active. I have to say most kids love sports, it’s probably the only time they get to run around free while doing sports.

  • Eboni

    I think all sports are good for kids because these days no kids want to go home and sit in the house all day. It isn’t very cool how are you supposed meet new people sitting in the house.I think track and field is the best sport because I used to run track when I was in 5th grade and I met new people and they were very cool to be with.A AUSD 9th grade student.

  • Treston-Jonah Rodas

    As a athlete I admire and appreciate those who are supporters of sports and are kind-hearted enough to be willing to make such an effort to fund and sponsor sports programs like AEF. Not all students play sports to fit in or be with friends. Some actually have a passion for sports and even if they don’t, it’s possible that it can become a passion. Youth before as well as today use sports as a motivation to go beyond and make an effort to excel in school and take care of everyday responsibilities. It may be true that not all kids are this way but taking sports away would not be fair to ones who do. Don’t they deserve a chance to do what they love? Also sports is one the best ways to stay healthy and fit and our world is already having problems with individuals who are overweight (obese). Why should such an action be made to increase the percentages of overweight individuals? To all people why the youth? AEF is wonderful for their support and should be admired and perceived as a miracle to Alameda sports.

    -AUSD 10th grade student

  • Jalen

    I think kids should have school sports in their middle schools, because most people don’t have anything to do after school or they have to wait for someone to pick them up. The time they spend waiting or watching TV because of boredom they could be getting exercise and having fun. Also, having sports in middle school would prepare them more for sports in high school and even in college because they will be better than other people and know more than the people who didn’t do sports for the 3 extra years in middle school. I am glad the AEF is actually trying to do something about this and noticing the downfalls of not having sports in middle school.

    AUSD 9th grade student

  • Anthony

    I think it is very nice that AEF is kind enough to raise money to donate to the middle schools of Alameda, so the kids could play sports. I think sports are very important, because you have to have a balance so you’re not doing work all day. Playing sports for your school team should make you more committed to getting good grades and will get you more prepared for high school sports. It gives you something positive to do after school when they are done with their homework. Playing sports can keep kids off the streets, because those kids have nothing else better to do.

    P.S. Nice blog

    AUSD 9th grade student

  • khaliah b.

    i think that this is a good idea because kids need some sort of activity to keep them active. another thing is it can prevent them from getting into trouble. one more reason is because some people have a passion for sports, and its good for them to do something they love.

  • khaliah b.

    I think that middle school sports is a good idea because kids need some sort of activity to keep them active, which can prevent them from getting into trouble. Another reason for having middle school sports is because some kids have a passion for sports, and its good for them to do something they love.
    a 9th grade ausd student

  • http://gmail.com JVwashington

    YES! This program is important because kids in middle school can have delinquency problems. So without sports kids will just get bored and get into trouble after school. Plus sports are a motivation to keep your grades up.-10th grade AUSD student

  • Marquise

    I think sports are important because middle schools need their sports so after school when they don’t have anything to do they can be at volley ball, basketball, or track and field practice so they won’t get into any trouble. A 10th grade AUSD student

  • Lorenzo

    I think that this program is very good for middle school athletics and for middle schools in general. Students should always have something to do everyday after school. Instead of walking the streets getting into trouble, sports provide the motivation for students to keep their grades up and remain good citizens.

    10th grade AUSD student

  • Kennet Liu

    I agree with the AFE organization about supporting middle-schools’ sport programs. This program supports sport programs in the three middle schools in Alameda. Playing sports can help increase the students’ health. This is good for middle school students’ physical education. This is helpful for a teenager’s development.
    —-12 grade of ausd student

  • Davis

    I think that middle school sport programs are important because if they play sports in middle school then the kids will play it in high school. If the kids play sports in high school then there is going to be a good chance they’ll go to a good college. I am a 9th grade student in Encinal high.

  • John

    I personally think it’s great that AEF is sponsoring middle school sports. I was in middle school when sports were cut and I remember there being plenty of boredom and a huge lack of school spirit. Sports are important part in helping kids enjoy the experience that is middle school. With 350 kids participating in sports, there well worth keeping alive.
    A 9th grade AUSD student

  • Lindsay

    I think middle school sports are important because they are an introduction to sports that will be offered in high school. I say introduction because they are not as competitive and challenging as sports are in high school. I did track in middle school and I have never done that before, but since I am a fast runner I thought it would be fun. It was very fun and at the meets I did very well. Now in high school, I am thinking about joining the track team again in the spring, because I enjoyed that experience in middle school.

  • Zach

    I think this program is important to all middle school kids who like to play sports for there school. I think it’s great that the AEF is doing something to keep sports in schools. It lets kids have fun and makes them keep there grades up. A 9th grade AUSD student

  • Peter

    I am glad that the AEF decided to sponsor the middle-school sports programs. When I was in middle school, sports equipment was limited because we didn’t have funds. I am also glad that there are so many students who are participating in the school activities. This shows their dedication to sports, and the Alameda Unified School District should bring back funding for the middle school sports.

    -9th grade student

  • Julienne

    I think that AEF is a great organization because they have sponsored the middle-school sports programs. I think if the AEF didn’t help to sponsor the program then it would’ve been really devastating news for the kids. I would’ve donated my own money because I really love volleyball and it’s going to be a dream-wrecker if the kids wouldn’t be able to play their favorite sports.
    More power to your organization, keep it up and great job. :)
    -An 11th AUSD student

  • Eric

    I think having middle school sports is a great thing. Kids who like sports can start to learn how to play the sports so when they enter high school they will already know the basics. Lastly, in middle and high school sports help kids maintain a GPA if they want to continue to play the sports.

  • Helen

    I think the Alameda Education Foundation is really important to us because without them students in middle school wouldn’t be able to be involved in sports. This program lets students be able to learn about teamwork, leadership, cooperation, and keeps them active during the school year. I hope that this program can continue to support the Alameda Unified School District.
    -A 9th grade AUSD student

  • Jonathan

    Hi my name is Jonathan and I am a 9th grader.
    I think that sports programs should stay. The reason why I say that is because sports is good in many ways.
    1)Helps fund money by selling multiple tickets to watch
    2)Keeps kids healthy and fit
    3)Keeps kids busy and away from trouble
    4)To represent the wonderful school
    5)It is fun and kids can be more connected to school
    6)Also because I am a student athlete.
    I think if sports were cut, schools would be less interesting in my opinion.

  • isidro

    I think that AEF did a great job on getting back middle school sports for Alameda Middle Schools. One reason I think its a great idea is because kids are going to be out of the streets and have an after school program to keep them occupied.An 11 grade AUSD.

  • Kidus

    It’s good news for people who love sports. If there are other sports that are eliminated because of the budget cuts, AEF should continue to collect money and work hard to sponsor the programs.

  • ky

    I believe sports make students in middle school feel ecstatic when they play for their own school to win. Otherwise, they have a hard time studying in school.It also helps them stay in school with a good grade.Sports help them feel healthy and meet new friends.If they cut the sports program of middle schools,it will make them feel melancholy.

  • Sanda

    I believe that sports are really important. Having sports in school make a huge difference. Some students love to stay in shape and they can also be hobbies. Many students stay active and participate in sports because they don’t want their grades to drop. Some praticipate to stay out of trouble which is a great thing. I’m glad to see that middle schools are growing with sports and there are different options for students.

    -12th Grader in Alameda

  • Julian

    What I think finally the middle schools have after school program because 2006-09 they didn’t have any kind of sport that will keep them out of trouble.But now that change on winter 2009 the sports program began and its still rising.