Another Alameda Robo-Call & School-Board Forums

The Washington, D.C.-based calls (from the 202 area code) came to this blogger on Wednesday and Thursday night.

One question was, “If the elections were held today, who would you vote for as Alameda’s next mayor: Marie Gilmore, Doug DeHaan, Frank Matarrese, Tony Daysog or another candidate?

Another question: “If the elections were held today, who would be your first choice for City Council? Beverly Johnson, Lena Tam, Rob Bonta, Jean Sweeney or another candidate?

And “who would be your second choice for council?….”

(The pronounciation of Matarrese was a bit awkward, so I don’t think he’s paying for the calls.)

The survey also probed how certain my political decisions were — very certain? somewhat certain?

Can voters still be swayed? There’s still a month to go before November 2!

The Alameda political scene has become very frustrating, to say the least. Politicians who promise to (and have shown an ability to) focus more on the fundamentals of city leadership and management should carry more votes than their opponents.

Those who have gotten dragged into the infighting — or appear to be siding more with political interests than with constituents — are not likely to prevail.

There’s also a lot of talk around the Island, of course, about the schools. And the Alameda School Board will have a big impact on how the fiscal constraints will be addressed — and how possible school closures and new parcel tax proposals will be handled.

Two slots will be filled, and the candidates are Mike McMahon, Sheri Palmer, Clay Pollard, James Pruitt, Marjorie “Margie” Sherratt and Rand Wroble.

Forums to meet the school board candidates are taking place on October 5 at Earhart Elementary School (hosted by the Bay Farm, Earhart & Lincoln PTAs) and on October 6 at Washington Elementary School (hosted by the Franklin & Washington PTAs).

The League of Women Voters is also doing a school-board candidate’s forum on at 7:30 p.m. on October 11 at Temple Israel on Bay Farm Island.

Another event is set for 6:30 p.m. on October 19 at the Alameda High School Little Theater on Central Avenue. It has been organized by the Alameda PTA Council and Alameda Education Foundation.

To view information on the candidates go to the website run by the League of Women Voters, which also includes other useful election information.

For those who want to submit questions for the candidates to answer at the October 19 event, go to the website of the Alameda Education Foundation, or AEF.

Janet Levaux

  • Kate Quick

    The League of Women Voters is also doing a School Board candidate’s forum on October 11th at 7:30 pm at Temple Israel on BFI. A presentation on the state propositions will follow the school board candidates presentations.

  • Michelle

    How much do these polls cost?

    Who could be willing to spend that kind of money in a small town campaign?

  • joel

    It is time for all resident to certify the 85% vote against Suncal , Marie Gilmore , Lena Tam , and Ashcraft have a 99% voting record for the developers and against the interest of the Alamedans,few peoples are aware that when the contreversial Target and Hosh were booted out of the Towne Center by the residents,a super Walmart was actually on the table.
    When President Obama was elected {like it or not} it was deemed as a new era in American politic , this is not feaseable unless you start at the base and very much locally ,then you will have changes , voting these 3 out is essential for Alameda survival not some ever bankrupt or out of State Developers. Jobs for Alameda Check out the ratio of Alamedan actually employed at the towne center …..no on GILMORE ,TAM and ASHCRAFT . You might also consider thinking who is treally financing their campaign.

  • Barkley

    You have got that right! It really worries me when I see SUNCAL influencing the people of Alameda to vote for their supporters: Marie Gilmore, Lena Tam, Rob Bonta and Aschcroft by negative campaigning against their opposition Frank Matarrese via Robo-Call. The Robo-call was anonymous. Really? Give it a guess. It is in SUNCAL’s best interests to make sure Frank is not the next Mayor and they don’t care how they do it. Other candidates don’t want SUNCAL either but Frank is their biggest obstacle. Didn’t we, the people and city council already vote to have SUNCAL gone? If they get their candidates in place our vote will be disregarded in favor of their undercover supporter SUNCAL. Just remember these canditates do officially support SUNCAL and want them to be the developer for Alameda Point. How did we get involved with SUNCAL in the first place? Everything they touch falls apart. Do we really want this to happen to us too.

  • Ian Kennedy

    Do you know how I can get off their list? I have taken my phone number with me when we moved to Finland (through the magic of VoIP, I have a local Alameda phone number ring in my house in Helsinki). Problem is that this think tank thinks they are getting useful research from ringing someone at 4am.

    I’ve called the number back and while they give a useful prompt to allow me to remove myself, it actually backfires and they call me again!


  • jlevaux


    Try this website – and good luck. You may also want to get the name of the company that called and register a complaint against them at this (and/or another) website.

  • Rogers72

    I bet it was deHaan. They don’t like each other.

  • http://www.SayNoToSunCal.com David Howard

    Reject the SunCal Slate – Tam/Bonta/Gilmore.

    SunCal is counting on getting those three elected by hook or by crook, and then having their 3 votes to bring SunCal back into Alameda.


  • Jake

    It’s terrible the choices this time for Mayor and Council. It seems like the same people shuffling around. The city isn’t any safer, crime on the westend is ridiculous and all you have are the same problem makers standing up saying “vote for me”. Alameda was once a golden place to live, I have noticed the decline over the years after moving away. It’s the leadership over the past 10 – 12 years that has really done the city in.