Power Outages Cause Library Closure

The Alameda Free Library on Oak Street is closed Sunday, October 24, due to power outages.

The power outages took place around 1 p.m., lasting for only a few minutes in the area around the intersection of Park Street and Lincoln Avenue.

However, when more than 20 people asked to go back into the library at about 3 p.m., library staff told residents that they could not enter.

Children, teens and adults expressed their frustration with a staff member, but — despite the fact that the lights were on throughout the library — were told they were not allowed into the public facility.

We will email the library on Monday, October 25, to see if this is an official or “flexible” library policy, since a wet winter season is predicted for the library.

On a positive note, library staff cleaned chewing gum, coffee stains and other dirt on the sidewalk area in front of the popular building on Friday, October 22.

Janet Levaux

  • http://alameda.wordpress.com alameda

    Yes … definitely annoying to see the library closed despite the power being restored after less than 15 mins!

  • Judy

    The power outages were not just once and affected us two blocks away from the library also. Once they started, the electricity went out for long periods of time all day. I can see why the library closed. It would have been a nightmare to be on the second floor as the day wore on and, if you are handicapped or elderly as I am going down those stairs in the dark would have been a hazard indeed.

  • Angela

    I was checking out books at the time of the first short outage, which was just a minute or two. There were lots of emergency lights throughout the library, even in the restroom, so I did not see anyone in the dark. The second outage followed shortly thereafter. It lasted less than 10 minutes. We were asked by the library staff to come back in an hour and continue to check out. So when I arrived back at 3 p.m. and saw all the lights on and people at the door, I assumed I could continue to check out my materials. However, a man at the door said that the library was closed for the rest of the day. We were incredulous. There were people arriving for a community meeting, and he would not let anyone in. The library owes its patrons an apology. Seems like every other business in the area opened up – I drove around. The police station across the street definitely did not close for the rest of the day.

  • Ellie

    I noticed how the staff had to practically beg some people to leave, and when they told us the were told not to reopen a few people blamed the library staff, when it clearly wasn’t their decision to make. Let’s be reasonable, people!