Alameda Election Results 2010: Gilmore, Bonta & Johnson

With votes at 48 precincts counted, Marie Gilmore had more than 6,700 votes, putting her in the Alameda mayor’s slot in 2011.

Alameda rivals and fellow City Councilmembers Frank Matarrese had 4,400, with Doug DeHaan in third place at 4,300.

In the City Council race, newcomer Rob Bonta picked up about 6,600 votes, while the current Mayor Beverly Johnson received some 5,700.

Councilmember Lena Tam, who’d been under investigatation earlier this year by the city, had about 5,500 votes. Thus, Tam looks poised to complete the last two years of Gilmoreā€™s unexpired term on the council.

On the school board, newcomer Margie Sherratt had nearly 10,300 votes, while incumbent Mike McMahon had about 6,550.

So there’s a bit of the old and new in store for Island politics next year.

Janet Levaux

  • Michelle

    Congratulations SunCal! A third seat opened.

    Too bad some people can’t do the math.

  • Kate Quick

    If the vote totals hold up, Lena will, by our Charter rules, go into Marie’s seat for the unexpired term (two years). Those who subscribe to the “SunCal Slate” conspiracy should note that if they were all so powerful, they did not succeed with Mayor Johnson, and Council Members DeHaan and Materesse seem to have split the anti SunCal as the main issue vote, which was not a great campaign strategy on their part (having two “like” candidates with little differentiation for the voters to choose from will always cause a split vote which disadvantages both candidates.)
    Bottom line is, the good folks in Alameda need to stop slinging mud, coalesce around positive actions to move the City forward and solve the issues of unfunded pension liabilities, government transparency, budget balancing and sensible, community driven development for the Point and other open areas. The fixation on SunCal has to become less important than these issues which desperately need our attention.

  • joel

    Essentially Suncal will be running City hall. I have difficulty understand how in the world people would elect someone who has acknowledge on her own free will to have forwarded confidential memo to suncal , when everyone know you get terminated by any company for doing so.
    On the good side there wont be much confidentiality at EBMUD we will be able to get all these confidential memo, courtesy Ms Lena Tam.
    Truth is the Firefighters are the one that gave suncal the green light in this election and this is actually hillarious knowing that Suncal is an Anti Union Company to the extreme. Could this explain the Meg 2010 and Carly in front of their Station during the elections, Now that is Funny !

  • http://www.mironsbuilder.com Mark Irons

    Joel, you must be the same Joel who posts at Blogging Bayport because of your bad spelling and grammar, as well as your SunCal Slate obssession.

    Here are some more dots to connect. There is an article in this week’s East Bay Express about Oakland City Attorney John Russo going after Lehman Brothers and SunCal for clean up money at Oak Knoll. http://www.eastbayexpress.com/ebx/will-lehman-abandon-oak-knoll/Content?oid=2172078

    John Russo gave his support to Lena Tam and Marie Gilmore. Read the article and try to make the information jive with your total conspiracy theories. You can’t.

  • dlm

    Kate: you need to recover from the delusion that you have any moral authority left. You have done nothing but spout the same PR garbage that Do and the ditto-heads are so fond of, so have the simple decency to stop lecturing the rest of us.

  • joel

    Mark instead of trashing my English knowledge or lack of {totally useless the Japanese and Chinese own this Country}Do take an honnest close look who was behind the candidates , I find it peculiar to say the least to get Email from Kalamazoo Tennessee to support Lena Tam , now you do run a business , if any of your employee ever forwarded confidential attorney client privilege stamped mail or email to peoples you are negotiating deal on Bidding for a job ,would you keep such double face employee among your staff , I have run very large crew in the Hundred, none even displayed such poor lack of judgement or integrity as Ms Lena Tam did , and no one forced her to admit she did it , to the contrary she bragged about it.
    As per Suncal they will have what is coming,it will take a while and I will be on the bench smiling .
    Conspiracy theory? how do you explain for every singlen mailer send by either tam or bonta the other came with it , not the case for gilmore and I seriousely doubt anyone at the post office will match them knowing I have been receiving mail at a regular basis for the IRS in oakland and just about everyone else business mail.
    As far as the base is concerned I am very much into developing it, Suncal is not the solution very far from it and Judges from Coast to Coast call them for they they are .
    May be you should stop by and get to know each other you will be pleasantly surprise and no I do not proof or read back what I typed ,pure waste of time , I am not writting a book but expressing an opinion shared bya vast majority of alamdan who knows the ghetto suncal want to build will be a nightmare , they canme with just around 2000 houses then turned around and said in order for them to make a profit they need 4500 houses plus , would you charge double your customer once the comntract is signed .

  • joel

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