Possible Amelia Earhart Remains Found

The latest news on aviation legend Amelia Earhart emerged this Friday, December 17, when scientists at the Univeristy of Oklahoma revealed plans to test founds recently found in the South Pacific for DNA.

According to the Associated Press, three bone fragments were recently found on a deserted South Pacific island that lay along the course Earhart was following when she vanished on July 2, 1937.

Ric Gillespie, director of the International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery, a group of aviation enthusiasts in Delaware that found the pieces of bone this year while on an expedition to Nikumaroro Island, about 1,800 miles south of Hawaii, is leading the quest.

According to the news report, it could be months before scientists know for sure — and it could turn out the bones are not even human. The fragments were found near a hollowed-out turtle shell.

Students at Amelia Earhart Elementary School on Bay Farm, staff of the Alameda Naval Air Museum and other Earhart fans in Alameda will certainly follow this story closely.

Janet Levaux