Gilmore’s Role in the Firing of ESPN Announcer Ron Franklin

Apparently Marie Gilmore’s election as the mayor of Alameda is still a hot topic — nationwide.

An online report by Sports by Brooks says that veteran ESPN football announcer Ron Franklin and sideline reporter Jeannine Edwards had a spat before Friday’s Chick-fil-A Bowl on Dec. 31. ESPN announcers Ed Cunningham and Rod Gilmore attended the meeting where the disagreement occurred.

When the conversation turned to the subject of Marie Gilmore, Rod’s wife, and her election as mayor of Alameda, Edwards tried to contribute to this discussion but said she was shut down by Franklin.

“Listen to me, sweet baby, let me tell you something… ” Franklin is said to have told her.

Edwards then said she told him not to speak to her like that, to which he responded: “OK then, listen to me, a**hole.”

In a statement Monday, Jan. 3, Franklin said: “I said some things I shouldn’t have and am sorry. I deserved to be taken off the Fiesta Bowl.” The announcer, 68, worked on college football and basketball games for ESPN since 1987 and was fired Tuesday, Jan. 4.

And it’s not just the major sports websites that are paying attention to this: the Washington Post has covered it too!

Guess this means there’s no sweet-talking on the Island when it comes sports and politics!

Speaking of which, the city’s website still has Beverly Johnson listed as mayor, despite the fact that Gilmore was sworn in last month.

Janet Levaux

  • http://www.alamedapost.com Adam Gillitt

    Nice to see Alameda’s New Mayor’s husband endorsing sports events that cater to the homophobic demographic, too… http://advocate.com/News/Daily_News/2011/01/04/ChickfilA_Backs_Antigay_Group/

  • Peter M


    So your position is that an ESPN commentator who works a game is “endorsing” the views of any sponsors and advertisers of the game?

    Does that mean your commenting on this story, which, let’s face it, has absolutely nothing to do with local politics, means that you endorse all of the businesses which advertise on this website?

  • Li_

    Franklin was more than disrespectful to Edwards at a meeting of several sports related people. Franklin was removed from the Fiesta Bowl as a result. Apparently Franklin is still employed by ESPN, not fired.

    Rod Gilmore was also at the meeting. Marie Gilmore wasn’t. Neither Gilmore participated in dissing Edwards.

    Conclusion: Neither Gilmore had a role in the “firing” of Franklin. Therefore headline of article is written with deliberate intent to mislead. Possible intent to stir the political pot in Alameda. No intent to do any good. Utter waste of my time. Add author to list of posters to read last.

  • Ed Rendell

    Somebody says something you don’t like – complain to the boss. More proof that we’ve become a nation of wussies.

    Ed Rendell