Alameda Film Comes to the ‘Big’ Screen


“A-Town,” the newest project from director Christopher Leonard and All Hands Evolution Films, will make its Alameda debut at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, January 25, at the Alameda Theatre and Cineplex.

The one-hour film, shot in Alameda, will also be shown at the same time on Wednesday and Thursday, January 26 and 27. Cast and crew are planning to attend Tuesday’s showing and hope to mingle with the community.

“The story follows a troubled rookie police officer and a struggling single mother whose lives collide as a pair of merciless criminals descend upon a quiet California suburb,” (aka Alamaden – but actually Alameda), according to the movie’s promotional materials.

“A-Town” is intended to be a pilot for a television series and is being shown in the Bay Area in order to rally enthusiasm for the project.

A trailer of the film can be seen online.

The plot of the movie centers on rookie Almaden Police Officer Derek Cooper, who “copes with depression, micromanagement, and corrupt city politics,” and Stephanie Davis, “a struggling single mother.” They go after two “opportunist criminals” launching “a violent takeover of Almaden’s small methamphetamine trade.”

The film is shot in High-Definition on a budget of about $150,000, most of which has been covered by donated equipment and volunteer time. Still, “A-Town’s” supporters and organizers need to raise funds for the pilot show’s marketing.

” ‘A-Town’ is a dramatization, a fantasy about what could be lurking just beneath the calm and peaceful exterior of a place like Alameda, a nice town that is bordered on all sides by crime,” said Leonard, a Coast Guard Veteran. “It’s a police show, but it’s really about people, and how we treat each other, for better or worse.”

Leonard, a former U.S. Coast Guard boarding officer, hopes the piece will be “as technically and tactically accurate as possible. I hate fake-looking cop movies,” he said.

He has been making digital shorts in Alameda for four years and earned a bachelor’s degree in filmmaking from the Art Institute of California-San Francisco following his time in the Coast Guard. Joining him on the production is fellow Alamedan filmmaker Oliver Ferrasci.

Ferrasci says “A-Town” will be showing in a 173-seat digital cineplex theater, not in the historic main theater.

Janet Levaux

  • Jon Spangler

    Will it be shown on the big screen?

  • Janet Levaux

    The film is being shown on the “big screen” in one of the modern 173-seat digital theaters in the cineplex, not in the historic main theater.

  • http://alamedajournalonline rosie B

    What times are the showings on Thursday and the price per ticket please ?

  • http://alamedajournalonline rosie B

    oops sorry the article shows the times but what is the price please?

  • eric alden

    What opportunity will the rest of the nation get to view this?

  • http://welbiltbreadmachine.blogspot.com welbilt bread machine

    I saw the trailer and it looks pretty decent. I can’t believe Alameda may actually have a television show! Anything to support the local economy, and remember to vote yes on A.

  • Janet Levaux

    Tickets are $10.50 for adults.