Bonta Hosts Alameda Town-Hall Meeting

Alameda City Councilman Rob Bonta, now serving as vice mayor of the city, is hosting a discussion and meeting with residents to exchange ideas regarding his first 100 days in office.

There will be a question and answer session as part of the forum.

Members of the public are invited to come to the meeting, which is set to take place from 6-8 p.m. tomorrow, Friday, March 25, at Cardinal Point at Mariner Square, 2431 Mariner Square Dr.

Light refreshments will be served, and Bonta asks that resident RSVP for the event, if possible, by sending an e-mail message to rob@robbonta.com.

Bonta says that he was a strong supporter of the recently passed school parcel tax, Measure A.

The city faces a number of significant challenges, including the need to fill top posts and come to grips with lawsuits filed by interim City Manager Ann Marie Gallant and City Attorney Terri Highsmith, who were placed on paid administrative leave in December.

Janet Levaux

  • Michelle

    Wow! Mr. Bonta gives only a day’s notice of this so-called “town hall.”

    Maybe he is hoping for a low turnout outside his inner circle because his first 100 days have been highly criticized.

  • Janet Levaux

    Actually, Mr. Bonta has given notice about this for several weeks – we are just posting the date now, as a public reminder.

  • Michelle

    Where would a person have found out about this meeting before today?

  • Janet Levaux

    I’m assuming that it might have been in the newspapers, but I haven’t checked. He sent out an announcement about the forum to those on his e-mail list.

  • JQP

    Impressive! “100 days” in office. Very John F. Kennedy!

  • Jon Spangler

    Rob Bonta provided well over 72 hours’ notice about his town meeting, so he is compliant with the spirit of the Brown Act, which he may not need to follow for a town meeting.

    I’m sure he would be happy to consider your suggestions about publicizing it more widely tomorrow night….

  • Michelle

    There was nothing in the newspapers. Apparently Bonta provided notice to his inner circle.

    Thank you Janet for trying to let the general public know about it.

  • Alameda Vigilante

    Oh, stop it, Spengler! Stop preaching to us like you are the all-knowing Great OZ! U sound like a Rob Bonta front man. There was no notice in PRINT media, i.e.Alameda Journal, Alameda Sun, or East Bay Express. To comply w/City Charter,notice must be printed in the official newspaper (happens to be the AJ, but this blog IS NOT THE SAME) Thank you, Janet, for this notice. And thank you, ACT Network, for emailing me to look here! Not evry Alamedan has unlimited Net access & this City has too many blogs to read each 1 daily.