Alameda Group to Host Forum on Middle East Political Developments

The Alameda Public Affairs Forum will host a presentation on the current wave of political upheaval in the Middle East from 7 to 9 p.m. on Saturday, April 9, at the Alameda Free Library.

The discussion is entitled, “Upheaval in the Middle East: End of the Washington Consensus and the Fight for Democratic Self-Governance,” and the speakers are Joel Beinin, a professor of history at Stanford University, and Carl Finamore, a staff member and writer for Trade Winds and past president of the Air Transport Employees Local 1781.

The forum will focus on questions, such as:
-What does the upheaval in the Middle East mean for American foreign policy?
– Will democracy emerge in the Middle East?
– What about workers’ rights, and will unions be independently organized?

Finamore has just returned from Egypt and a YouTube video outlines his thoughts on the recent revolution there. Professor Beinin is a well-known expert on Middle Eastern affairs and an author of several E-books on the region.

A reception is planned from 6 to 7 p.m., so guests are asked to bring food or drink to share.

To enter the library and find parking, go to the rear of the Alameda Free Library, at Oak Street and Lincoln Avenue.

Janet Levaux